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DIY Helmet Speakers

DIY helmet speakers are a common helmet audio solution for cash-strapped music enthusiasts who, for better or worse, fancy themselves rugged individualist do-it-yourselfers. There’s a lot of merit to the DIY spirit, and so we’re here to take you through a step-by-step guide to basic DIY helmet speakers.

It is worth noting, however, that while DIY helmet speakers might be an extremely cost-effective solution, they are unlikely to provide the high-quality sound some listeners might be looking for. They can also be a bit flimsy, so be prepared to go through this process every few months of so, depending on how heavily they get used.

You will need:

– A cheap pair of headphones that you won’t mind tearing apart…don’t use your $200 Sennheisers.

– If your helmet doesn’t have zipped earpads, you’ll also need two round Velcro patches with tape on one side and a hot glue gun

Simply break the headband and as much of the speaker frame off of the headphones as possible so that you are left with little more than a driver, a thin casing, foam cover, and a cord. Glue the “hooks” side of the Velcro patches to the back of each speaker and allow to dry. Remove the paper backing from the other half of the Velcro patches and attach the sticky sides to the interior of the helmet where you want to position the speakers. Tuck the wires up into the lining of your helmet where they will be secure and out of the way.

To this simple DIY helmet speaker construction you can add additional features and modifications as you please, including inline volume control, cable extension, or a portable headphone amp. We’ve even seen motorcycle riders who have fixed an iPod Shuffle bracket to their helmet, removing the need for wires to extend into their pockets.

Have you ever tried DIY helmet speakers? We’ve never been particularly successful with them, but have heard from several people that DIY is a great solution for budget riders. What do you think?