IASUS Concepts XSound 3 Reviewed

IASUS Concepts has recently released their XSound 3 Helmet Speaker. I’ve actually gotten my set a few weeks ago to review, but I just haven’t had much time to do the write-up.

From the time I’ve had with them installed, they sound amazing when used with my iPod Shuffle, currently my go-to music player on rides with helmet speakers or ear buds.

The XSound 3 offers crisp highs and nice lows. They’re thin and they slip into my Shoei RF-1000 helmet without any problems. If I had to compare the audio quality, they are not muffled in any way, and even with any type of EQ off, they sound very much like my Audio Technica ATH-M50, a highly recommended professional studio monitor headphones. The audio quality it produces for music in general is simply astounding.

-Acoustically-tuned chassis from CNC Aluminum
-Extremely light
-Thin design (0.39″/1cm thick)
-Kevlar braided wires with a 1.3m extension
-Foam Pads and 3M Velcro
-Angled stereo connector (ideal for Bluetooth headset use)

I feel they are definitely worth the $99USD they retail for. The attention to detail, the thinness, and most importantly the sound they offer is tremendous value. Coming fresh from the Sena SMH10 helmet speakers, I had no idea helmet speakers could sound this good… like a set of real headphones.

You may find XSound3 at IASUS Concepts authorized resellers such as IASUS Logistics.

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