General Installation Guide

Helmet speaker installation is extremely easy, but keep in mind that all helmets and helmet speaker models are designed constructed differently.  Some helmets have removable cheek pads or small indentations next to the ear to accommodate helmet speakers, and many snowboarding helmets include zippered pouches in the ear pads.  The installation process may vary according to your helmet and helmet speakers.

To install helmet speakers with Velcro patches, first put your helmet on and use a finger to point to the spot directly across from your ear canal to determine the optimal location for the speaker.  Remove the helmet and mark that point on each side.  Remove the “loops” side of the helmet speaker’s Velcro patch, discard the white backing, and attach it to the interior of the helmet, centered on the spot you marked.  After doing this for both sides, attach the speakers using the Velcro patches and check the positioning and fit.  If the speakers are too quiet, reposition them so that they are closer to your ear opening.  A couple of centimeters can make a significant difference in sound quality.  Once satisfactorily positioned, tuck the speaker wires into the lining of the helmet so that only the jack connecting to the wire extension is visible if desired.

If your helmet speakers are a tight fit, they are almost certain to cause discomfort and pain after a short time.  If your helmet will not comfortably accommodate your helmet speakers, consider using a thinner helmet speaker or installing them in a helmet with more room.  It is inadvisable to excavate the material inside the helmet to make room for speakers, since doing so may compromise the structural integrity of the helmet and possibly void its warranty.

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