Smith Optics Audio Helmet Systems

Smith Optics audio helmet systems are a popular option for snowboarders and skiers. Produced for Smith by Skullcandy, Smith helmet audio comes in three flavors: Single-Shot, Twin-Tip, and Bluetooth.

The Smith Single-Shot audio system has a single wired connection to an MP3 player, CD player, or phone and includes an in-line volume dial and microphone. The Twin-Tip system has a split dual wire that plugs into a music device and a phone. A button on the wire toggles between phone and MP3 player.

The Smith Bluetooth kit is a wireless system that pairs with your phone or, if desired, your MP3 player using the iPod adapter. Buttons on the earpads control music playback, pairing, volume control, and phone calls. All Smith audio systems include slim helmet speakers that slip into detachable earpads (not usually included) designed for Smith helmets.

smith single-shot audio system
Smith Single-Shot Audio System



  • Quality audio engineered by Skullcandy
  • Single-Shot and Twin-Tip has in-line mic and volume controls and quick-release cord
  • Twin-Tip has 3.5mm phone jack compatible with iPhone
  • Small speaker body fits perfectly in Smith helmet earpads
  • Bluetooth version: buttons control music, pairing, and phone calls


REI customer review of Smith Single-Shot Audio: “I couldn’t be happier. Microphone sound quality during a phone call is great too. The single cord tucks inside my jacket to the iPhone and I am able to easily control everything–no batteries required. A much better solution than the iPhone earbuds and worth the price!” customer review of Smith Twin-Tip Audio: “The speakers work fine, though the advanced control features only work on a few products, but that doesn’t bother me too much. The big problem is that the ear pads to put the speakers in is not included, this is the audio unit only.”

Dogfunk customer review of Smith Twin-Tip Audio: “The split for the wires isn’t quite as long as I would hope, so I would have to keep both the cell and mp3 in the same pocket, and they just don’t fit. Additionally, there aren’t any instructions to tell you this, but it appears that the answer/pause button only works on one of the tips, and only for Apple products. Not a huge bummer, but I was hoping it would work with my Droid. Oh well.”

REI customer review of Smith Skullcandy Bluetooth Audio: “Once you become familiar with the controls, you can take calls, voice dial, adjust volume, play, pause, and track up/down with one hand using easy-to-find buttons and stay warm doing it. No more fumbling in pockets for your phone or risking dropping a $300 phone off a chairlift. No more wires flapping in the wind or getting stuck in zippers, either. You can switch between incoming calls and music at the touch of a button and the interface with my iPhone 4 works perfectly. On the downside, sound quality is not great, which is a characteristic common to all bluetooth headphones with the current technology. I often get complaints that my voice is difficult to hear during phone calls, which may be because of wind or clothing near the microphone pickup.”

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