Motocomm Thumper 1 Helmet Speakers

Motocomm is one of the biggest names in motorcycle communications equipment, and their Thumper 1 Helmet Speakers are cheap and widely available from retailers. They boast an “enhanced bass response” that is engineered to provide better-sounding audio at any speed.

Motocomm Helmet Speakers
Motocomm Thumper 1 Helmet Speakers



  • Less than ½’’ thick
  • Velcro patches for easy installation and removal
  • Weatherproof connectors
  • Comes with coiled extension cable


Amazon customer review: “Folks, you are only spending $25 or less for a set of speakers for your helmet. For $25. These are a great pair speakers! Yes you will need an amp if your bike has any noise at all. However, if your bike has a built in stereo system as in a Goldwing or a high end Harley, buy a plug for the intergraded system and these speakers sound as good at the $200 ones.”

Motorcycle Superstore customer review: “I was excited for these to come since I was tired of having ear buds fall out while riding. First thing I noticed when I put them in and tried it on was that it made the helmet really tight and uncomfortable. I’ve tried repositioning them and didn’t help. Once I got them in a place that did not hurt my ears, the speakers were not loud enough to hear music at 30mph+.”

Dennis Kirk customer review: “They sound if great on these with no need for an amplifier. The fit in a Shoei RF-1000 is a little tight. They rubbed my ears and were not very comfortable. OK for short rides but leaves me wanting.”

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