J&M Helmet Speakers

J&M makes a series of helmet speakers specifically designed to plug into their Bluetooth and wired helmet headsets.  They vary in size, sound, and price. The connector is designed specifically to work with J&M headsets, meaning one can’t just plug them into an MP3 player.

Most J&M helmet speakers use something called “DynaPort” porting technology, which J&M describes as “allows the sound pressure from the back of the speaker cone to be separated from the sound pressure being emited from the front of the speaker, in the area next to your ear, thus improving bass response and overall fidelity.”

DynaPort helmet speakers work best with helmets that have a deeper, more defined ear pocket and small openings or seams that allow the porting tube to access the air outside the helmet.

j&m helmet speakers
J&M Helmet Speakers



  • Velcro backing
  • DynaPort technology improves the sound quality
  • Acoustic padding on the speakers that directs the sound to ear canal without needing to press speakers to the ear
  • Thinnest model is 13mm thick


HD forums review: “I have tried them all. J&M are no better for sound quality but they do hold up better and have a better warranty.”

Wingstuff.com customer review: “As a general observation, the headset speakers are far too bulky and I ended up cutting lots of helmet liner out to get them to fit. I’m sure that cannot be good thing.”

Wingstuff.com customer review: “After 2 seasons of use these are still as amazing as when I bought them. Installing them in the SyMax2 modular helmets was an adventure… Took the padding out, carefully cut the foam so I could set the speakers in flush, then I used duct tape to hold the wiring in place before I put the padding back in. Took about 90 minutes to do 2 helmets. Flawless installation which matches the incredible sound quality. Worth every penny!!!”


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