IASUS Concepts XSound Helmet Speakers

IASUS Concepts promises that its Xsound J and Xsound 2 Helmet Speakers are slim, sturdy, and sound great. IASUS XSound Helmet Speakers enjoy a solid reputation among motorcycle riders and winter sports enthusiasts. The Xsound J is a low-priced helmet speaker with good sound quality, and the slightly pricier XSound 2 has improved sound quality with enhanced bass.

XSound Helmet Speakers
XSound Helmet Speakers. Pictured is the XSound 2.



  • ½’’ thick speakers with steel casings
  • Thick cables for durability
  • One side is longer than the other to make it easier to tuck cables into helmet lining behind the head
  • Easy installation and removal with Velcro patches, can be used in helmets, beanies, headbands, or toques
  • Optional waterproof volume control module and Mobile Amps available


Uniq Cycle Sounds customer review: “Overall the speakers are well worth the money. The sound is great and when used with the amplifier; they rock! They are a little tight in a full face motorcycle helmet and work well in a half or 3/4 helmet. The only problem was the glue strip that held the velcro to the speaker.”

Amazon customer review: “These speakers Rock! They are much higher in fidelity than others I have tried/owned and can easily be heard on my motorcycle even at high speed. The cabling and volume control are higher quality and look like they will wear longer than others (less expensive ones will flap in the wind and eventually loosen wiring connections). Installing in helmet is VERY EASY and takes only a minute with no extra pieces or parts required.”

Eastern Dirt Magazine: “The quick connect plug is a nice feature that makes getting in and out of your helmet much easier. Or, if someone is trying to tell you something you can simply unplug the unit instead of fumbling for the volume control. We love the XSound headphones from iASUS and we are pretty sure you will too. But be careful wearing them with the volume turned up too high.”

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