Chatterbox Helmet Speakers

Chatterbox makes an extremely popular series of motorcycle headsets. Their helmet speakers have never been a key product, but they occasionally turn up on Amazon and other online retail sites. Because Chatterbox’s product development has always focused on the communications aspect of their headsets, there is minimal information regarding their helmet speakers, and what is available isn’t particularly enthusiastic. However, Chatterbox helmet speakers are an inexpensive and simple solution for someone who just wants a little bit of audio during the commute.

chatterbox helmet speakers
Chatterbox Helmet Speakers



  • Female 3.5mm stereo headphone port, requires extension cord
  • Velcro patches for easy installation and removal, can be used in helmets, beanies, headbands, or toques
  • Inexpensive


Amazon customer review: “This is a great set of headphones for your motorcycle helmet if you just want to listen to music from your iphone or ipod. I also use it for GPS instructions from my Garmin.”


Motorcycle Superstore customer review: “These speakers aren’t worth the money you spend on them…The sound is mostly treble, after a few weeks the Velcro stickys that hold the speakers in give up. The right speaker went out within 2 weeks. I figured out that the problem is that the wire starts to fray at the contact point where the female 3.5mm adapter is. Once I spliced the cord with another cord it works fine again.”


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