Burton REDphones

Burton REDphones are helmet speakers designed specifically to integrate with Burton RED Helmets. They come in two flavors: Standard and Premium. The Standard model consists of two wired helmet speakers that zip into RED Helmet earpads. The Premium model is a DJ-style headphone with removable speakers that can be swapped into a RED helmet. Burton REDphones do seem to have some quality issues with the wiring that we hope they’ll fix for next season.

burton redphones
Burton REDphones


Burton REDphones Features:

  • Inline volume and mute control with clip
  • Zip-in installation
  • 40mm audio driver for standard, 57mm audio driver for premium
  • 3.5mm audio compatibility
  • Left/right wiring and quick release cable make it easy to tuck wires into helmet lining

Burton REDphones Reviews:

Burton product page customer review: “The speakers are of ok quality. However after a few sessions only the right side works now…”

Amazon customer review: “The sound was like listening to an AM radio. No distinction at all between highs and lows, kinda all muddled together. The higher frequencies are lost and there is no bottom at all. Just Mush! Sorry, you’d be better off with Iasus or SkullCandy. Just my opinion! The cables are excellent and easy to route. They should last as long as the helmet. They are long enough to reach your inner pockets, no problem. Volume control and mute work very well.” 

Dogfunk customer review: “I’ve been wearing the Red-Phones paired in a Mutiny II Helmet this year and so far they are killer!!! Adjustable volume on the cord and crafty clip to secure inside your jacket. Easy to take in and out from the helmet liner for travel tunes and the headset’s comfy enough to rock all day at the office, house or travels.”

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