Aerostich Helmet Speakers

Aerostich specializes in motorcycle riders suits. Aerostich helmet speakers are sold as a related resale item in their product catalog. Aerostich itself says that their sound quality is only “reasonable,” but they are inexpensive and much smaller than many of the other helmet speakers on the market. Aerostitch helmet speakers are sewn into a Velcro-backed fabric pocket that can be inserted into the ear pockets in a full-faced helmet.

Aerostich Helmet Speakers


  • 1/4” thick
  • Velcro-backed pockets for easy installation
  • Inexpensive
  • 40″ connector cord


Aerostich customer review: “I feed audio from a Siruis unit and through an Amplirider, and it works pretty well. Very little bass to speak of when moving. It helps that my ST1300 creates very still air with the windshield up, and my faceshield down. On a naked bike you would not hear much at all.”


Sportbikes Website review: “I have tried different headphones from target, circuit city…ect, but they always fell out of my ears. These are awesome, sound is good enough, and the price is good. I have tested them at 140mph and could still hear ACDC no problem.”


Aerostich customer review: “I bought a pair for a solo 950 mile run. For most of the trip, I could barely hear anything even with the boostaroo. I gave up for a while, but thought I’d give them another try yesterday. The wire had come out of the speaker…”


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